Why join us?

On behalf of the Arizona Crop Protection Association (AzCPA), I would like to invite you to become a member of Arizona’s only trade group focused on crop protection issues. With an ever changing environment and the constant regulatory issues facing our industry, the Arizona Crop Protection Association is striving to ensure a viable future for the products and people who make agriculture possible in Arizona.

The main purpose of AzCPA is to make sure your voice is heard when issues affecting our industry arise. As an association, AzCPA provides valuable services to our members through our lobbying efforts, communication, and events. This past year we have worked hard on your behalf to influence key policy makers and pass legislation to benefit our industry. Some of the highlights of 2010 include:

– Release of the updated Arizona Pest Control Advisors Manual

– Coordinated a letter to Congressional Representatives asking them to clarify the exemption for agricultural producers in regards to Pesticide Discharge Permits required by the Clean Water Act

– Worked with Arizona Department of Ag to reduce industry fees on fertilizer inspections from 25 cents per ton to 10 cents per ton (to avoid legislative fund sweeps)

– Coordinated and administered the 2010 Ag President’s Summit bringing together over 45 ag producers and ag trade associations to discuss current issues facing the industry

– Teamed with Arizona Department of Ag, legislation and local universities to revise and improve Pest Control Advisor license academic requirements

We continue to provide opportunities for continuing education as well. Each year at our Desert Ag Conference, members and affiliates can earn continuing education credits, network with other industry professionals, and learn about the current issues facing our industry from distinguished speakers. Members of AzCPA receive discounted registration fees for this event.

Click the ‘Download Application’ button below to obtain an application for your AzCPA Membership. Our membership year runs October through September. Please consider supporting our Association as we go forward to protect our industry in the face of increasing regulation and decreasing rural representation in our legislative bodies.

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Classification of Membership

The Membership of this Association shall consist of five classes:

Any individual, firm, or legal entity engaged in the manufacturing, formulation, production, processing, packaging and/or wholesaling of agricultural chemicals and/or plant food as its primary source of revenue will be eligible for a MANUFACTURER Membership.


Any individual, firm, or legal entity engaged in the RETAILER business of agricultural chemicals and/or plant food with an established place of business in the State of Arizona, who does not qualify for a MANUFACTURER Membership, shall be eligible for RETAILER Membership.


Any individual, firm, or corporation engaged in supplying the industry with bags, cartons, containers, diluents, emulsifiers, solvents, machinery, buildings; any chemist, commodity broker, or representative of an enterprise allied with the agricultural chemicals and/or plant food industry such as, but not limited to, agribusiness; news media; aerial and ground applicators; transportation firms; financial institutions; cotton and/or agricultural commodity processors; and those furnishing other products, materials, and/or services as determined from time to time by the Board of Directors, in its sole discretion, without the necessity of amending these By-Laws, shall be eligible for AFFILIATE Membership.

Pest Control Advisor$75

Any individual who actively makes recommendations and/or checks fields for the use of agricultural chemicals and/or plant food, and holds a current Pest Control Advisor's license issued by the State of Arizona, is eligible for PEST CONTROL ADVISOR Membership.


HONORARY Membership may be granted by the Board of Directors. HONORARY Members shall have no vote.