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About Us

The Arizona Crop Protection Association (AzCPA) seeks to educate the legislators, regulators, and the public about the crop protection industry. We are pleased with the recent growth in membership and the continued commitment of the Board to strengthen this organization. As an Association, we are committed to strengthening the crop protection industry not only for today, but for the future as well. Therefore, we have created a scholarship fund to promote and support college students engaged and interested in pursuing careers in the crop protection and agriculture industries. We presented our first round of scholarships at the 2006 Desert Ag Conference (DAC).

We must continue on our upward path, and we need your support.

Desert AG Conference

As an association, AzCPA provides valuable services to our members through our lobbying efforts, communication, and events. This past year we have worked hard on your behalf to influence key policy makers and pass legislation to benefit the industry. We continue to provide opportunities for continuing education as well. Each year at DAC, members and affiliates can earn continuing education credits, network with other industry professionals, and learn about the current issues facing our industry from distinguished speakers.



AzCPA Membership

As our numbers increase, we are confident that the strength of the organization will continue to grow. Please take the time to fill out the application. If you are a Manufacturer or Retailer Member, please include the names and addresses of the two additional individuals representing your company. Credit card payments are accepted as a form of payment and should be indicated at the bottom of the membership form.


Arizona Crop Protection Association

Phone: 480.271.1267 | Email:  michelle@azna.org   

1710 W Ranch Road, Suite #202 | Tempe, AZ 85284

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